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Ebony-Machelle's gameplay for Spiral Knights (PC)

Ebony-Machelle played Spiral Knights

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Ebony-Machelle said...
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Couldnt sleep so played till I fell asleep early this morning
Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 12/NOV/09
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I know somebody who does that EVERY morning. He gets off work at 6AM, heads straight to the tap-cafe and plays WoW until he falls asleep at the keyboard and annoys everyone with his snoring.
lol...do they have to kick him out???
Sounds like somebody I know. We just wake him up and tell him he missed something awesome.
I actually cut my game off before I fell alseep.
So you're not leaving any teammates wondering why you're just standing there and not healing them.
@Timesmith @LordXenophon You both sound like you're talking about Whytbyrd. They'll never kick him out of Gamers' Inn because he spends more money there than anybody.
Chop 'till ya drop!
@LordXenophon...I try to finish the level before I log off.
@iPodman That's exactly who I meant, though I usually think of him by his CoH name, not his WoW name.
@Ebony-Machelle You mean before you nod off?
@LordXenophon yeah lol
Time to go tell Whytbyrd he missed Deathwing.
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