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Best MMORPG Online

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Ebony-Machelle said...
  • excited
This is the best online MMO I have played. The dungeons are more than hack and slash. Their are different classes and a good amount of character customization. If anybody know any other EPIC rpg online and on console. Feel free to tell me.
Dungeons and Dragons Online

Dungeons and Dragons Online (PC)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Persistent World Online RPG
Release Date: 28/FEB/06
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Have you tried City of Heroes yet? It went FTP months ago.
@Anat Thanks for the follow. I'll have to give it a try. I keep dabbling, but only Guild Wars has really struck a chord with me.
Another good FTP.
Guild Wars 2 and City of Heros both look fun...ill have to try both of them out
I downloaded CoH. Went thru the character creation, started to play, but my video card was giving me trouble. I ordered a new card so I should be able to play in a few days. I might redo my character. Too many initial options maybe. Is there a setting for widescreen somewhere?
@Ebony-Machelle GW2 Isn't out yet, but will be soon! (I hope) Guild Wars is a lot of fun though.
@Anat Also what's a good server to choose? As a noob you just look at the list & pick 1 at random...
You want a server reccomentdation for City of Heroes? Ask LordXenophon. He's the only person I know who plays on every server.
I'll nudge this thread at him.
@TamaraLane I know i plan on trying it out when it does.
@Ebony-Machelle Pre Order starts tomorrow if you want to be in the beta.
@QueenFred Thanks! *hugs* (he doesn't follow me so I can't nudge, was thinking of PMing him)
I just joined the server my friends were already on, which was Champion.
@Anat I don't know anyone that plays it, besides you and Xeno.
What makes a seerver a good server for you?

QueenFred plays on Liberty, because that's where most of the gays are. There's also an unusually large proportion of villain players there.

Virtue is the second largest server (formerly the largest) and where you'll find the most serious roleplayers. It's the only server where you'll find very many people who get picky about ((OOC tags)) for OOC speech.

Freedom is the largest server and is also considered the home of PvP.

Protector is the most isolationist server. The majority of the players there are dedicated solo players. You won't get as many random team invites as you would on other servers.

Triumph is the server with the most themed supergroups. Most of the large supergroups there even require uniforms.

Guardian is the server with the most furries. It also has the second largest number of roleplayers. The Legion of Catgirls alone has around a dozen chapters there, including alts of just about every LoC member from all the other servers.

Victyory used to be the easiest place to round up a big raid for a giant monster or other event, but that level of cooperation seems to be shifting to Champion lately.

Infinity and Pinnacle usually have the least people on at any given time, making them a good choice if you just want to avoid crowds and the lag they bring, though you'll be able to find certain zones relatively empty on any server except Freedom or Virtue.

If you have some measure of a server not covered here, let me know and I'll try to think of which servers would fit what you're looking for.
I'll probably just do F2P. I like to play with others. I don't really enjoy PvP that much. I prefer PVE. I don't think I can join a supergroup wit F2P? It sounds like Champion may be where I want to be. What's OOC speech?
Out of character. Statements coming from the player, rather than from the character.

No, I have a question of my own. Why am I answering questions about CoH on a DDO thread?
@LordXenophon Because....

Yeah. That's sort of what I thought. Carry on.
@LordXenophon lol I'm quite new in CoH and ended up on Virtue... Should've picked Protector since I prefer random group invites :p Anyone here tried Champions Online?
LordXenite is the best member to ask about CO.
Lol k :p
*shoots Rhekinos with a glue arrow*
Now the tread is all sticky. Thanks a lot.
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